Holms Sweeper Attachments

Holms sweeper attachments are developed and produced in the true Holms spirit. They are equipped with original parts to make your working day easier. A reliable, efficient and safe sweeping attachment which does the job year after year. That is why the resale value is so high.

Holms SU

Holms SU is a flexible compact sweeper for use with compact loaders, tractors and skid steers.

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Holms 300

Holms 300 is our largest pick-up sweeper for larger compact loaders, tractors and medium-sized wheel-loaders. A full-sized attachment for professional sweeping.

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Holms SL

Holms SL is a sweeper roller for front and rear mounting on tractors and smaller loaders. 

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Holms SH

Holms SH is a sweeper roller for front mounting on larger tractors, medium-sized wheel loaders and trucks.

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Holms SP

Holms SP is suitable for really tough jobs performed by large wheel-loaders.

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Holms Compact

Holms Compact is mounted on the excavator arms of excavators and tractor excavators. 

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Sweep away snow!

Sometimes it is smarter to sweep away the snow instead of plowing, in cases where the snow is a small amount or there is "light" snow. For example:  pavements, or other paved areas, where the plow blade might damage the plates. At railway and tram tracks where safety depends on having clear points and the like. Weak roofs can be damaged by heavy snow, such as bus stop shelters. Grass areas such as football pitches. It is easier to sweep on soft surfaces. The sweeper roller gains access in a completely different way compared to the plow. The area will be clearer.
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