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Holms snow attachments

Holms snow attachments are robust, effective tools for professional road clearing. The attachemnts are designed to suit drivers with high demands – drivers who needs, resistant and safe plows with low costs and long durability. Holms plows shall match the clients high demands of cost eficient entrepreneur.

Holms PD

Holms diagonal plows are well-tested for efficient snow clearing, particulary when clearing roads.

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Holms PV

Holms V-plows are robust, effective tools for clearing snow, particularly in urban environments.

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Holms SB

Holms sand spreading buckets are always among the very best at the market. 

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Sometimes it is smarter to sweep away the snow instead of plowing, in cases where the snow is a small amount or there is "light" snow. The sweeper roller gains access in a completely different way compared to the plow. The area will be clearer. Simply put, where it is difficult to get at.

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