Stable buckets for tractors and wheel loaders

Sandspreading Bucket Holms SB

Available in two sizes 

SB is made for wheelloaders and tractors. It's our latest product and like the rest of Holms selection it belongs among the best on the market. The bucket is equipped with several smart details. It's available in two sizes with a volyme of 1,0 and 2,4m³.

The bucket has a hydrualic solution that minimizes the temperature increase and which leaves the maximum flow for operation of the machine.

  • The mixer is optional - often but not always you have to use material containing lumps and therefore we offer a mixer as an optional extra.
  • Smart mixer - the mixer works by using a rocking motion instead of rotating to minimize the risk of serious personal injuries.
  • The right spreading quantity - there is a speed regulator on the bucket as standard. The right spreading quantity means ensuring non-slip surface at the lowest possible material cost.
  • A speed regulator that is controlled from the cab - in order to be able to vary the spreading quantity while on the move, we have come up with an optional speed regulator. This is now wireless and you control it from inside the cabin. An investment that pays for itself by saving material.

Clever parts

Galvanised steel for long service life in a salty enivronment.

The drive motor for the roller is well protected and the direct operation means that there are no chains requiring servicing.

Linkage for operating mixer. No drive chains requiring servicing.

Radio control for Holms SB

To control the amount material that is spread you may use this wireless option. This remote is put inside the cabin and you use the buttons to control the spreading quantity.

Extra equipment and options

  • Mixer - can also be fitted at a later date
  • Speed regulator - for controlling the spreading quantity from the cab. Wireless! 

Technical information - Holms SB 1,0 2,4
All weights are approximate. Attachment weight excludes hooks..
Total width (m/ ft) 2,10 2,50
Material quantity (m³ / ft³) 1,00 2,40
Weight empty bucket (kg / lbs) 400 800
Oil flow min/max (litres / GPM) 40/180 40/180
3-point linkage (back) Volvo 4000


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