Higher speed and lower fuel consumption

V-plow Holms PV

Holms PV

Perfect for your tractor or loader 

Holms adjustable V-plow has a unique pendulum suspension system which allows the plow to move both vertically and horizontally. With the loader’s tilt function the ground pressure of the plow may be changed during operation. This means less risk of lateral movement and skidding, easier operation, higher speed, lower fuel consumption and decreased wear on the cutting edge.

  • Rubber elements in the coupler soften knocks and vibrations also during transport.
  • Each side is individually adjustable with hydraulic cylinders.
  • Included in the equipment are reversible and suspended edges, which give way to drains etc., as well as hydraulic shock valve that opens in the event of collision with fixed obstacles. The shock valve is connected to a pressure accumulator, which eliminates the need for a return line to the tank.
  • Two double acting hydraulic functions are required for operation, or as an alternative a double acting hydraulic function in combination with an electrically controlled selector valve.

Holms V-plows can also be prepared for three point linkage and put on tractors equipped with such connection.

Clever parts

Support wheels – for even better ground contact. Choose between support stands or support wheels.

FloatarmTM –for simple adjustment of ground pressure on the move.

Electrohydraulic selector unit – if the machine only has a third hydraulic function and for comfortable diagonal operation. Choose between radio or cable controlled.

Wing – for better roll on the snow

Radio control for Holms PV

It's now possible to maneuver the plow sides wireless from inside the cabin. With Holms wireless unit you control either one of the sides or both of them together at the same time., with only a clic on the remote. 

Extra equipment

  • Snow guard - for sizes 3,2 / 3,6 / and 4,0. 
  • Rubber edges - 55 mm. 
  • Position lights - standard on some models. 
  • Electrohydraulic selector unit - for diagonal operation, wireless or cable. 

Technical information - Holms PV 2,4 2,8 3,2   3,6 4,0
All weights are approximate. Attachment weight excludes hooks.
Total width (m/ ft) 2,40 / 7,90 2,80 / 9,20 3,20 / 10,5 3,60 / 11,80 4,00 / 13,10
Working width fully turned 30º (m / ft) 2,00 / 6,60 2,30 / 7,50  2,60 / 8,50 3,00 / 9,80 3,30 / 10,80
Height, plow blade (m/ ft) 0,80 / 2,60 0,80 /  2,60 1,00 / 3,30 1,00 / 3,30 1,00 / 3,30
Infästning standard skruv o mutter Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Enkel pendling standard Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Vikt, enkel pendl (kg)
685 772 820 864 889
Number of cuts
2 4 4 4 4
Infästning tillval kil o kilbult
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Dubbel pendling tillval
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Vikt, dubbelpendling (kg)
706 797 845 889 914

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