Quick and flexible 

The Holms SL Angle Broom

Unique balancing

SL is intended for smaller loaders, trucks and tractors, front- or backmounted. 

The diameter of the roller is 700 mm / 27.5" and is available in three alternative widths. It has a unique balance which makes supporting wheels completely unnecessary.

  • The balancing of the roller makes for a constant and evenly distributed contact pressure against the running surface. This reduces wear on the brushes and increases the roller's responsiveness to irregularities, curbs etc.
  • The roller is driven by two direct acting hydraulic motors which means a high degree of efficiency and low maintenance costs.
  • The bearings on the brush roller are maintenance free.
  • Easily replaceable brushes in polypropylene or rippled wire which can also be mounted in a 50/50 combination.
  • Two parking supports for stable and secure parking of the unit.
  • Supplied with a choice of connection
    • Quick connection
    • Three point connection

Original Parts


Hooks – screw attachment for easy replacement.

Height and tilt indicators for rapid adjustment and positioning.

Sprinkler system – the water is injected into the brush roller from behind to minimize dust and save water.

Balance – a unique solution where the brush roller maintains an even pressure over uneven surfaces and makes support wheels superfluous.

Adjustment lever – quick adjustment of ground pressure for different ground conditions.

Radio control for Holms SL

Maneuver the water spray system on and off. You may also control the amount water sprayed, depending on different conditions.

Extra equipment

  • Sprinkler system, 400 l / 106 US gall or 600 l / 159 US gall, complete with pump, tank and spraying ramp for efficient dust control.
  • Lifting device for carriers without lift.
  • Hydraulic lateral movement 0.7 m / 27.5" right/left.
  • Optional angling 30° right/left: 
    • Mechanical
    • Hydraulic
    • Electrical hydraulic

Technical information - Holms SL 2.0 2.2 2.5
All weights are approximate. Attachment weight excludes hooks.
Total width (m/ ft) 2.20 / 7.20 2.40 / 7.90 2.7 / 8.90
Working width fully turned 30º (m / ft) 1.70 / 5.60 1.90 / 6.20  2.20 / 7.20
Sweeper roller diameter (m/ ft) 0.70 / 2.30 0.70 / 2.30 0.70 / 2.30
Weight, excluding hooks (kg/ lbs)
390 410 430
Weight full tank, excluding hooks (kg/ lbs)
945 965 985
Oil flow, min/max (litres/ GPM)
40/130 40/130 40/130
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